The Evil Effects Of Examination Malpractice In Nigeria-2020 WAEC,NECO AND UTME CANDIDATE BEWARNED

The Evil Effects Of Examination Malpractice In Nigeria-2020 WAEC,NECO AND UTME CANDIDATE BEWARNED

Examination malpractice has consistently remained a bane of Nigeria’s educational system. No wonder the academic certificates being issued graduates in Nigeria are no more valuable than the pieces of paper on which they are printed, according to the view of most foreigners.

What then is examination malpractice? Examination malpractice is a situation in which candidates for an examination are given undue advantages before, during or after the examination so that the candidates win cheap success thereafter. Hence the sanctity of the examination is broken or violated. Examination malpractices portend grave dangers for the nation. In the first place, our graduates of educational institutions cannot stand the test of time. They are ill-baked because there was no thoroughness in their training and the process of academic acquisition.

Also, the negative trend can be seen in employees being engaged in jobs they are not suited for since the certificates they claim to possess are not merited. In addition, seriousness is thrown to the wind. Students have little time for their studies as they attend parties, engage in drug addiction and other untoward behaviors.

Furthermore, bribery and corrupt practices accompany examination malpractices. This is so because the cheats offer money and atimes their bodies to get illicit assistance in the examination hall. Bribes are offered invigilators and supervisors so that they may connive with the examination cheats to have a field day in the hall.

Creativity and resourcefulness are hampered or discouraged in a nation where examination malpractices thrive. The canker worm named examination malpractices should be stamped out of the country before they wreak greater havoc on the social, religious, economic and political lives of Nigeria. God help Nigeria to accomplish just this.

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