Education in Oyo State ought to be total not partial’’ indigene cries out.

Education in Oyo State ought to be total not partial’’ indigene cries out.

OYO STATE TEACHER RECRUITEMENTFollowing the ongoing Oyo State TESCOM recruitment, an indigene of the State Mr. Ibrahim Lamidi, sounds alarm over his observation based on the essential subjects exempted from the ongoing TESCOM recruitment in his State. Great significance and instructive are the words of Mr. Ibrahim, a prolific sculptor, essayist, teacher and strategist who has consistently proved that he is not only insightful but also deeply palatable. On the ongoing recruitment he writes that:

‘’Undoubtedly, it is clear crystal that findings on the needy subjects in most secondary schools in this Pace Setter State TESCOM ongoing recruitment was not conducted before it takes place. It is doubted if the TESCOM chairman, Pastor Akin Alamu and the committee in charge of the recruitment conducted research on the subjects that gravely need teachers in most secondary in this eminent State (Oyo).

Glaringly, disdain plan is made on the recruitment and as a result registration at first stage seems awful in nature, so to speak. When Ogun and Lagos States did their recruitment many months ago, it was magnificently done online in an easier accessibility. Why are we so strong in theory and weak in practical in our dear State?

Sometimes, we do task at one fell swoop and gets flaw result, but if a task is done in gradual process possibility of perfection is achieved.

On the heel of exempted subjects in the area of employment, it is obvious that crummy and cheesy designation is made on the recruitment base on unattackable fact that most subjects in most secondary schools does not have teachers while some does but insufficient, the subjects in exclusion are;

1. Social Studies
2. Commerce
3. Visual Art/Creative Art
4. Literature
5. Technical Drawing
6. Civic Education

The irrefutable truth here is that, the aforementioned subjects are essential in students life and most especially on the pages of social and cultural context.

Exemption of Social Studies teachers should not have cloth in the recent recruitment simply because that Social Studies teaches and elucidates how a good society should be.

Presently, in Oyo State and others in this noble course, indecency is on chair having field day as immoral dressing, drug abuse, sexual assault, corruption and bribery, exploitation, criminality and all other sorts of social vices seems difficult to abolish. Moreover, social studies education is the best answer to this immorality act. People do behaves in relation to type of education they received either good or bad.

Knowingly, one of the goals to achieve in education as stated by Babs Fafunwa in his seven cardinal goals in Traditional African Education is; to acquire specific vocational training and to develop a healthy attitude towards honest labour and, as well as to develop the child’s latent physical skills.

However, subject like Fine Art which is a vocational oriented subject which society of today needs is exempted from the listed subjects in the area of employment which ought not be. In this connection, there are hundreds of thousands of students out there who are extremely talented in the aspect of artistic phase who can make a resemblance drawing of an object within a minute, and who also needs competence teacher to enhance and embrace their artistic skills further.

Nevertheless, there are many careers in Visual Art/Creative Art’, careers, such as painting, graphics, sculpture, music, drama, textile design and so on., that if students ventured into it they will be gainfully employed in the absence of government jobs.

In other words, statistics on how many Art students in Nigeria registering Visual Art in their O’level proves below 30% on a scale of 10, 20, 30, 40 to 100 every year.

Our society has come far but still have a long way to go.

Unenlightened ones have to understand the needs of appreciation of artistic and aesthetic value of art in this Republic of ours. In relation, the part of the goals to achieve in education as enumerated by Babs Fafunwa in his seven cardinal goals in Traditional African Education is also to understand, appreciate and promote the cultural heritage of the community at large. Thus art education could be the weapon in curbing sorriness act towards valuable objects in our society.

In certain cases where we’d seen a place where people spent millions of amount to decorate, and thereafter someone just gets there and inelegance it without sensible reason. We have to understand that a decent society comes when an individual received proper education, as stated earlier that people behaves in relation to type of education they received either good or bad.

A subject like Art should not be paid poor attention to.

Students per se, be it higher institution, secondary or elementary school students needs education that will help fasten attainment of developmental goals of the country. Nigeria of today where white collar jobs are rear to come by needs a vocational subject/course in all schools to helps in reduction of unemployment rate that is being battling with for decades, if ceaseless to be eradicated.

We live now in a world where science and art works together and why on earth art is taken a back seat in most Nigerian schools? However, Art in many other African, European, American countries have promoted to highest degree.

Where did we get the compass wrong?

Should we say we do not realized that the car we drive, the house we live, computer and phone we press, the cloth we wear, book we read and other humanitarian aids nor objects we make use of passes through the Art.

It’s really sadden seen a primary four student saying reflection of standardization is not perceived in our educational system and others in this country of ours.

People needs to know and understand their rights and obligations as citizens. This is one of the reasons why Civic Education as subject is brought into the secondary school curriculum. Surprisingly, it is this same subject teachers that are excluded from the area of employment in the recruitment where there’s no teacher nor enough in the schools to teach it. Its really beggar belief.

In hundredfold, education ought to be made total not partial.

Sadly, student whose dream is to become a lawyer is being practically denied of his ambition due to half education he’s acquiring presently. Literature as it known, is an integral subject required for student who wanted to study law, and since the subject is not taught in the school or taught in half manner how could being a lawyer stand?.

I was in a sophomore class when a teacher taught me that; ‘’a little learning is a dangerous thing, you drink deep or taste not’’. In this pipeline, whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.

In view of the above, It would be more super excited if teachers in those area of subjects are made available in most secondary schools that does not have the teachers to teach the subjects in order to cast the full meaning of aforesaid subjects i.e. Social Studies, Commerce, Visual Art/Creative Art, Literature, Technical Drawing and Civic Education on students who perceives career in them.

It is not gibberish to turf-out the deplorable style most leaders in educational sectors channel to the educational system of this country. Notwithstanding, people are lamenting and clamoring day-to-day on the educational system of the country that is not exquisite in the faces of others because of awful education we practices.

Poor education has failed and killed many dreams already. We do not deserve a colossal, barricade, lugubrious, moribund, precarious and dismal education.

On this page, I therefore on behalf of those students whose their parents perceived as tomorrow liberators of hellish live they lives beseech the noble office of the Governor of Oyo State Engr Oluwaseyi Makinde, Oyo State TESCOM chairman Pastor Akin Alamu and other panjandrum individuals who are in position of authority to fix what is missing in the ongoing recruitment in order to save our state from a failed education purposefully because, our is ours.

Respectfully also, the recruitment ought to be made fairly without being bias and politicize to achieve quality and standard education that we have been thirsting for and put ends to deteriorate education in our dear state and beyond.

He then concluded by saying;

‘’Should we have a better society, let not hesitate in building a solid education.’

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